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What Makes Us Different

Concierge Cardiology, Direct Pediatric Cardiology Care

  • Up to 2 hours Initial Comprehensive Visit
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) Included with the Initial Visit
  • No Surprise Medical Bill
  • After-Hour Access To the Doctor
  • Virtually No Wait
Concierge cardiology

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Peds Happy Hearts?

Simply put, the care at Peds Happy Hearts is the best care out there. We have a deep obsession to getting our patients better and giving them the attention that they deserve.

With concierge cardiology, you can enjoy a direct relationship with your physician and focus solely on your well-being. No more middlemen, no more insurance headaches. Instead, receive personalized, high-quality care that puts YOU first. Choose Direct Care Medicine for a modern approach to healthcare that truly values your health and happiness.

Why did we decide to not take insurance?

Insurance companies have become overly intrusive in patient care, often hindering our ability to provide optimal care to our patients. The restrictions imposed by insurance companies can lead to substandard care, which is unacceptable to us.

To ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care and experience possible, we have made the decision to not contract with insurance companies. This allows us to focus solely on our patients’ needs without any external interference. Since implementing this decision, we have seen a significant improvement in the level of care we are able to provide to our patients. Our patients have noticed the difference and have expressed their appreciation for the level of care we are able to provide.

By choosing to forgo contracts with insurance companies, we have been able to put our patients first and provide them with the care they deserve. We believe that every patient deserves access to the best care possible, and this is something we are committed to providing.

Do you take Medicaid or Medicare?

Peds Happy Hearts, PLLC has opted out of Medicare and Medicaid programs. You cannot bill Medicare or Medicaid for services provided by Dr. Hua or Peds Happy Hearts, PLLC, nor can you receive reimbursement from these programs.

Can I still use my FSA, HSA, or insurance?

Of course! We accept FSA, HSA, and all major credit cards. If you have out-of-network benefits, we will happily provide you with a detailed statement (“superbill”) that you can submit for reimbursement.

Please note that we cannot guarantee reimbursement as it depends on your insurance plan.

Will I ever get a medical bill?

At our office, we value transparency and honesty. That’s why we always make sure that our patients are fully informed of their financial responsibility before starting a treatment. We believe that every patient deserves to know what they’re getting into, without any hidden fees or surprises. And that’s why we guarantee that you will never receive a medical bill from us after your visit. Trust us to take care of you and your health.

What is a Superbill?

Insurance companies use a document called a superbill that details the services provided to a client. Think of it as a receipt for your visit to the doctor’s office. Unlike traditional receipts, superbills contain crucial information, like diagnosis and procedure codes, required by insurance payers to reimburse you for the services after you’ve paid. These documents differ from regular medical bills since insurers use them to pay patients instead of doctors.

Many people underestimate how much of their superbills are eligible for reimbursement. That’s because superbills deal with out-of-network services, and people often mistakenly assume their insurance doesn’t cover out-of-network care.

If you have any questions, please check your out-of-network benefits and contact your insurance company.

In addition to your insurance company, third-party companies, such as or, can help with superbill reimbursement. Please note that Dr. Hua is not affiliated with any of these companies.

How available is the doctor after clinic hours?

Dr. Hua fully dedicates herself to providing the best care possible for her patients. She ensures that all her patients have access to a direct phone number and personally returns their calls and texts within 24 hours, even on the weekends.

More time with the doctor.

You Deserve
‍More Time
‍With The Doctor

At Peds Happy Hearts, concierge cardiology, we firmly believe that excellent patient care requires active and personalized attention. That’s why our experienced pediatric cardiologist takes ample time during initial consultations, which can last up to 2 hours, to ensure that no important detail is missed and all patient queries are answered satisfactorily.

We understand the importance of convenience and accessibility in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why we offer virtual consultations for infants and toddlers, enabling you to get a thorough history and discuss your concerns with our doctors from the comfort of your own home. Patients will visit our clinic for physical exams, imaging, and diagnosis as that will enable us to provide the best possible care.

So, if you’re looking for a pediatric cardiologist who values your time, understands your concerns, and offers personalized care, then look no further than Peds Happy Hearts. Remember, we are dedicated to providing the most attentive and active care possible to all of our patients.

Don’t Wait for Cardiac Imaging

Looking for a pediatric cardiologist in Billings, MT? Look no further than Dr. Nancy Hua. With the latest technology available in our private office, we can get your electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) or echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) done on the same day. Don’t waste your time and money going to an outside facility. With our concierge cardiology, come see us and experience the convenience and expertise that you deserve.

  • In-Office Scans
  • Immediate Results
No surprise bill

Say Goodbye To Medical Bills!

There’s nothing worse than a surprise medical bill. Our patients always know how much their care will cost beforehand, and we promise NEVER send you a medical bill.

Better Access To Your Doctor


Our doctor is available via text message and will respond after hours and on weekends.

No waiting

Don’t Waste Time  Waiting To Be Seen

Do you hate sitting in the waiting room for 30-60 minutes before seeing the doctor?

We know that your time is essential. At Peds Happy Hearts, we practice concierge cardiology medicine. We strive for ZERO WAIT TIMES. We also offer same-day or next-day appointments. How great is that!

Meet Dr. Nancy Hua

Dr. Nancy Hua practices as a pediatric cardiologist in Billings, MT. She holds double board certification in Pediatric Medicine and Pediatric Cardiology Medicine. Dr. Hua is committed to tailoring evidence-based medical interventions and treatment plans to each patient’s unique circumstances. She prioritizes thorough communication, listens to her patients, answers their questions, and ensures they understand their diagnosis, treatment options, and preventive measures.

Dr. Hua fosters a collaborative relationship with her patients, supporting them through their medical journey and working together to achieve their health goals. She is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of her patients and the broader community by providing exceptional medical care, advocating for patient education, and promoting overall wellness.

You can visit her in person at our Billings, MT office or schedule a telehealth visit if you reside in Montana or Wyoming.

Dr. Hua

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Shiloh Hubbard
Shiloh Hubbard
Dr. Hua is an outstanding cardiologist. As a mother of a little one with heart problems, she made sure that I understood exactly what the issues were, and she made sure that I knew each of the possibilities and the plan going forward. She welcomed questions and concerns, and she has a welcoming and comforting presence. I would heartily and enthusiastically recommend her for any pediatric cardio needs. She is the best!
Kate Elam
Kate Elam
Awesome experience with Dr. Hua. She is extremely through in her examination and assessment. She is able to put nervous parents minds at ease with her wonderful bedside manner. Certainly an expert in her field. Montana and the region are lucky to have her seeing cardiac patients.
Chelsea Lundgren
Chelsea Lundgren
Dr. Hua was excellent. She was very thorough and explained things to my daughter and me very well. We did not feel rushed and were able to ask questions. Environment is very welcoming and relaxed. Will be following up with Dr. Hua if needed.
Angie Wambeke
Angie Wambeke
Great experience with Dr Hua. Kind and professional, great bedside manner. Makes sure we understand everything that’s going on. Been with her for a year and a half and same kindness and courteous experience every time.
Heidi McArthur
Heidi McArthur
Dr. Hua is great! She always takes the time to answer all of our questions, even if it is in-between appointments, and I always feel like my son is in good hands with Dr. Hua.
Rachel Yerbich
Rachel Yerbich
Dr. Hua is AMAZING! She listens to all of your concerns, spends as much time with you as you need and is up to date on recommendations! Would highly recommend her to anyone needing Pediatric Cardiology!
Mallory Edwards
Mallory Edwards
Dr. Nancy Hua us such an amazing cardiologist. My son enjoys seeing her and makes him feel comfortable and in great hands!! We love Dr. Hua!!❤️
Becky Webber
Becky Webber
Dr. Hua saved my grandson's life. When we took him in for his checkup, his pediatrician thought she heard a murmur. Dr. Hua came in immediately and soon we knew he had a significant heart problem. Dr Hua stayed late and was so kind. Sure helped us navigate getting to specialists in Denver, and has been doing follow up since his surgery. She has always answered our questions and is available when we've needed. I cannot find words to thank her enough!
Caitlin Skinner
Caitlin Skinner
Dr. Hua has been with us since before our little one was born, and we wouldn’t change a thing in terms of our experience. She is caring, reassuring, honest, and attentive. She’s also an excellent pediatric cardiologist who discovered an additional, rare heart condition in our son that had been previously missed by specialists in Denver. We’ll stick with her forever!